New Site

Hi everybody,

Welcome to our new site. The old one had a lot of dead weight that nobody used and was basically unmaintained.

This one is generated by Octopress as plain html, and then stored on Github pages.

The source to do that is inside the Locutus directory in the _octopress dir, and freely available.

For instance, you can now very easily:

Next, any Locutus contributor who has Octopress set up (this mostly involves having the right ruby & gem versions) can then run make site MSG="describe what you did" in the project’s root dir to deploy the changes.

This should make it easy for Locutus contributors (or any Github user really, using pull requests) to update the site, making it less dependent on few core members, and more a community effort.

This is also the way I want to do regular Locutus development. Less via comments, more via the power of Github.

To people wondering where the compiler has gone to, I’m discontinuing that feature. It was more often broken then working, and I think this site should focus on being a simple resource and discussion platform, and not much else.

Now that everything is open sourced more I think there’s room for anyone to build a better alternative.

While I’m not actively involved with Locutus anymore, I hope taking this step will make the project ready for the future.

Best wishes,